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T1 - combo+1pkt Marlboro Purple Menthol Heatstick

RM 240.00 RM 329.00

T1   -  combo+1pkt Marlboro Purple Menthol Heatstick

#MatsudaInspired - Heat-Not-Burn E-Cigarette Device - HEET & Marlboro & FIIT compatible

  1. HnB technology
  2. Heat-Not-Burn tobacco compatible
  3. Quickest UP time
  4. CHAIN SMOKING feature - no waiting time for next Ciggy
  5. TOUGH Ceramic Heating Pin - No more fragile heating head breaking by other brands
  6. Pen like design. Easy carry.  Lightest weight : 40gm, Length only 12.8cm .
  7. Easy clean, No mess. No liquid spill. Simple and fast
  8. Gives same nicotine 'Hit'
  9. Heating under 300degC - produces almost zero Tar and releases LESS majority chemicals from normal Ciggy
  10. Single charge gives 10 sticks of enjoyment power from the 900mAH LITHIUM battery (3.7V)
  11. Easy charge with normal power bank
  12. Warranty : 6months on gadget failure of normal usage

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