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HOKKAIDO hybrid55 White SWEET CORN - Delivery Date is : Wed or Thur only (min 5pcs per order please.)

RM 27.50 RM 34.50

HOKKAIDO graded breed - super Sweet breed  
                                             - Imported breed, Local Farming to safe greenhouse effect
                                             - Normal Price 229Yen (usd2.20) each
Kernel - clear pearl with thin pericarp
Texture - crunchy pop (1st 5days of harvest)
Sweetness - Super sweet juicy : Brix level 18% (upto)
Size - 300 to 340g each
Growth Technology -
1. have 'Star-Staygreen' gene to prolong yellowing husk
2. have 'Star-Staysweet' gene to prolong natural sweetness
3. less chemical used.
4. Zero chemical use 14days before harvesting.

                ***** How to Order:  *****
1. All orders are packed in 1set = 5pcs wrapping
2. Please order in SETS (multiple of 5s.)
3. 1 carton = 25 pcs = 5 sets.

DELIVERY:   Wed or Thur  of every week. (Peninsular Malaysia Only)                                                                                               (for orders made before sunday of previous week)                                                                                                        (Harvest on every TUE)

        .... Mon  Tue  Wed  Thur  Fri  Sat  Sun  |  Mon  Tue  Wed  Thur .....

                                                                   ^                            ^        ^                                                                                                           (orders made before Sun)                  (    delivery      )


How to eat:
1. Eat raw as fruit
2. Steam 3min on start of boiling steam

1. Vitamin B6, B1, B3, B5, B9
2. High anti Oxidant - ferulic a, anthocyanins, zeaxanthin, lutein, phytic a.
3. Copper, Zinc, Iron, Manganese, Phosphorus and Magnesium
4. Lowers LDL cholesterol
5. 600 kCal/cup
6. Carbo laden
7. Anemia Prevention
8. Prevents Hemorrhoids
9. Promotes Growth and Weight Loss
10. Prevents Hypertension
11. May Prevent Alzheimer
12. Prevents Diverticular Diseases
13. Cosmetic and skin texture Benefits

1. Keep in chiller for longer shelf life (1-3weeks)

Packing and Delivery by courier:
Harvesting will be on Tue, Packing and delivery will be on Wed or Thur ONLY
Courier delivery usually 1-2days. During cmco, pls allow 2-4days.
will be part wrapped with food wrap to allow breathing
will have slight insect bite due to almost zero chemical treatment
will have slight leaf discoloration due to natural decay
(when there's a slight insect bite/decay, means its safe for humans)

Problems? : (Replacement guarantee)
1. If found damages on corn when open the leaves, take immediate picture and send to
    whatsapp : +60173377700 (office hrs)  or Email:  or  HQ  +6.03.7498-1877
2. Will immediately give you a replacement on next order.
3. This may occur because we can't open every piece to check inside as it will damage/dry the inside pearl
4. Buy with peace of mind. What you pay is quality and guarantee.

Happy Eating.... :)
by TUFF Industries Japan

What is Sweetness Brix level?
One degree Brix is 1 gram of sucrose in 100 grams of solution (of sweetness comparison)
example, a very very sweet imported Rock Melon has a Brix level of 14-15%

(Delivery not possible to Sabah / Sarawak / Singapore. Only local peninsular Malaysia)