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Tigernu X TUFF 5220 Travel Sling Shoulder Bag Crossover

RM 132.30

Tigernu X Tuff 5220 Travel Sling Shoulder Bag Crossover
Splashproof & scratch resistant 230D Polyester
36x26x6.5 cm,  5.5L
0.8 kg

  • TIGERNU Travel Sling Shoulder Bag
  • Multiple layers and pockets designed to store orderly. Easy to access,  meets your travel demands
  • Comfortable Design: The light small bag is more comfortable than a heavy one. Light and easy storage, to work or travel  
  • Shockproof air particles , Anti-seismic & Anti-fall : Built-in tablet compartment adopts shockproof particle design. It can effectively migitate impact and shock with raised shockproof particles. Prevent daily accidental collisions. 
  • Splash-proof , Easy to wipe :Design based on lotus effect, water resistant. Protect your valuables at all times during travel rain or shine.
  • Light fabric, convenient load reduction  Lightweight material selection, light and breathable without burden. Carrying this bag to travel at ease. 

Package included:

1 x bag